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Stop & Taste Conversations by New Holland Brewing The Podcast with a two drink minimum. The world of food and drink is made up of remarkably interesting people. In fact, after more than twenty years of working and traveling in the business, it’s the incredible people I’ve met from all walks of life that have left the biggest impression on me. I believe people are the most interesting and valuable part of the entire craft renaissance. New Holland’s “Stop and Taste Conversations” podcast, is our way of shedding some light on these colorful characters. We’ll shoot the bull over a couple of drinks and share some stories with the folks we’re lucky enough to know and call friends.
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Stop & Taste Conversations - New Holland Brewing



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Jun 28, 2016

Episode 14 - The Details

Many Michigan Brewers Guild related social events remind us of the diverse backgrounds amongst the people of the Michigan brewing community.  We’ve talked about getting together to play or “do something” more times than we can count.  Recently, an idea took hold, and “Mashpaddle” is the result.   We brewed a collaborative, Michigan-grown beer - put together an impromptu band of brewery related musicians and scheduled a tour through the collaborating breweries.   Here are several conversations from the brew day, as well as some music from some of the featured musicians.  We hit the road this week, so come on out and celebrate Michigan, beer & music!


“Bert” - Steve Berthel : New Holland Brewing 

Adam Engleman, Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company

Jesse Jett, New Holland Brewing

Phil Thomson, Big Hart Brewing 

Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, Big Hart Brewing 

Dan Buozis - Big Hart Brewing 

Evan Keller - Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company


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Old Boy’s Brewhouse

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Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company

Big Hart Brewing

New Holland Brewing


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The Drinks:

New Holland Brewing’s, Feats - MI Export Lager, The Hollander - Saison & others....

The Music:

“Moorean Moon” © Pat Mallinger  and “Help on the Way” - Garcia & Hunter, ©  Universal Music Publishing Group - both from Sabertooth’s, Live at the Green Mill, “Blues for C Piff”, @ Pat Mallinger and “China Cat Sunflower” - Garcia & Hunter, © Ice Nine Publishing  from Sabertooth’s, Dr. Midnight, Live at the Green Mill, “Can’t No Grave” courtesy of Jesse Jett and “Heavyweight Brother” © Nicholas Barron, courtesy of The Strapping Owls


Jun 5, 2016

Ep. 13 - Brett VanderKamp, New Holland Brewing Company

Episode 13 - The Details

I met Brett sometime in 1997, while New Holland was just coming into existence.  We were both active members of the Michigan Brewers Guild, and later spent time on the board of directors together.  We’ve bonded over the idea that a company can be the ultimate art project, with limitless opportunities for creativity and ingenuity to shape team vision and values.  Brett is passionate and driven, and the originator of Dragon’s Milk!  We got a chance to sit down over a couple of drinks in Puerto Rico, where we were celebrating 10 year New Holland Anniversaries.  I hope you enjoy this Hatter Day Edition, which is celebrating the breweries 19th Anniversary!

The Drinks: Mojito - DonQ Anejo, Beer Barrel Bourbon

The Music:  “Underground Giver” © and courtesy of Seth Bernard, Why Would You Not Want to Go to There, courtesy of and © Hoots & Hellmouth

Guest Bio:

Brett VanderKamp; Holland, Michigan seemed like an unlikely place to create some of the most innovative beer and spirits in America. But Brett believed that his hometown and the brewing industry were due for shakeups.He was 24 years old when he started New Holland Brewing Company in 1997 in an abandoned factory with his best friend and $10,000. He has spearheaded the company’s growth and innovation since its inception.

Brett has become a leader not only in his industry but in the community as well, serving on various boards including the Holland Chamber of Commerce and its Public Policy Committee. He has been chairman of Jubilee Ministries, a faith- based nonprofit working to revitalize Holland’s most troubled neighborhoods. He is a founding member and past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild (MBG), a trade organization for over 200 small Michigan brewers.  Brett also acted as chairman of the MBG Government Affairs Committee. In 2011, Brett was honored as one of Grand Rapids Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty” business leaders, heralding his dedication to innovation and community. In 2015, he was honored as Michigan West Coast Chamber’s Small Business Person of the Year.

Brett’s entrepreneurial spirit and artistic sensibilities are at the very heart of New Holland. As the original visionary, Brett imagined the path that New Holland pursued to become what they are today. He serves as President, overseeing the corporate and leadership teams, and continuing to forge their path into the future. Brett has two sons, Brayden and Quinn, with his wife Pam. They live in Holland, MI and enjoy family vacations, outdoor sports and Michigan summers.