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Stop & Taste Conversations by New Holland Brewing The Podcast with a two drink minimum. The world of food and drink is made up of remarkably interesting people. In fact, after more than twenty years of working and traveling in the business, it’s the incredible people I’ve met from all walks of life that have left the biggest impression on me. I believe people are the most interesting and valuable part of the entire craft renaissance. New Holland’s “Stop and Taste Conversations” podcast, is our way of shedding some light on these colorful characters. We’ll shoot the bull over a couple of drinks and share some stories with the folks we’re lucky enough to know and call friends.
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May 24, 2017

In episode Thirty Five, my guest is Dave Kwiatkowski from the Sugar House in Detroit, Michigan.  Dave and I sat own over glasses of whiskey in Corktown and talked about his adventure in classic cocktails, small business and community building.  Dave’s a natural and encouraging champion for Detroit, Drinks and drinks IN Detroit.  

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio

After graduating from the Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan with a BBA in 2000, Kwiatkowski moved to Chicago where he traded equity options on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. It was there he was bitten by the craft cocktail bug, and in 2009 decided to return to his home town to open Detroit’s first craft cocktail bar, The Sugar House. 
Discovering a deep affection for hospitality, he teamed up with friend and longtime Wolfgang Puck-trained chef, Marc Djozlija, to open their fine dining restaurant, Wright & Company.  Kwiatkowski is now a partner in several other properties including Honest?John’s, The Peterboro, Bad Luck, and has several other projects currently in the works.  
Kwiatkowski recently formed Detroit Optimist Society as a parent group to house and employ a Director of Operations, in-house marketing department, and financial control unit.  Their mission is to elevate the dining scene in Detroit, and create memorable experiences through hospitality.  
May 23, 2017

In episode thirty four, my guests are New Holland teammates, Jon Boer and Ryan Cioffi. THey’re heading up the beer and spirits making at our new brewpub and distillery, The Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids. We’ll hear how they came into a life in beverage and what to look forward to drinking on Bridge street and beyond.  

The Details

The Drinks: Blue Haven Fitzgerald and Debits and Credits Centennial Pale Ale

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Jon Boer - New Holland Brewing: Head Pub Brewer:  Jon is a Holland native, married to his beautiful wife Katie for two years. He's an avid tinkerer and hobbyist and brewed at New Holland for 5 years. 

Ryan Cioffi - New Holland Artisan Spirits: Pub Distiller: Ryan grew up in West Michigan, in the city of Hudsonville, to be exact. He loves Old Fashioneds and has worked at New Holland for 4 years. He enjoys disc golf and things involving his dog.


Apr 9, 2017

I’m pretty sure I met Fred in 1993 during my first Great Taste of the Midwest, which would be a formative experience.  It was a few years into the beer business, but roughly two before I’d join the ranks of Midwest breweries.  He has been a magnanimous brewery wrangler that cares deeply about connecting people to experience.  He and his team have kept their festival special throughout decades of change.  I think I speak for everyone in the Midwest brewing community when I say that we all look at “the Great Taste” as the grand daddy of the Midwest beer fest, and the one we try not to miss.  I’ve only missed two in my 23 years running, if it gives you any idea.  Fred has also applied his passion to the distilling world, and I caught up with him on the patio just before Distill America at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison, WI.

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio: 

Fred Swanson has been a High School Special Education teacher for more than thirty years.  He’s also served the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild, hosts of the “Great Taste of the Midwest” in one capacity or another, including  member, President, Board of Directors, and brewery wrangler since 1990.  He is a founding organizer of Distill America, which celebrates and showcases American distilleries. Fred is also a tireless advocate for strength of communities through his involvement with agencies supporting adults in their homes, providing case management to adults with disabilities, and state organizations advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities in Wisconsin.

Mar 27, 2017

Some of you may know a little or a lot about the world of beer wholesalers, or maybe nothing at all.  I’ve been calling on Rave Associates, a beer and wine wholesaler in Ann Arbor since 1995, when the current owner, Jim Warbritton.  was a sales rep, and we’d cruise around to accounts together, selling all the beer we could get our hands on.  Jimmy and his executive VP, Rick Lack - the self-proclaimed “King’s of Michigan Beer” joined me to trade some stories, just before we headed into their trade show in Novi, Michigan to meet and greet the retailers of Southeast Michigan.


The Drinks: Moxie - Sour Ale by New Holland Brewing

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Feb 28, 2017

Ginger and I met years ago over beer and chocolate.  She was in Michigan to present at the MBG and MBAA Winter Conference and took an extra day or so to hang on the farm. Ginger is a tireless advocate for equity in marketing, and has made a name for herself by establishing her own consulting businesses, Women Enjoying Beer. and The Fifty Percent.    We talk shop including beer, gender, service and training.   Here’s Ginger from the secret lair at Red Horse Ranch.  

The Drinks: New Holland's Mischievous II Sour Ale & Pilgrim's Dole Wheatwine 2014


The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio: Ginger Johnson

TED talker, book author, beer enthusiast and marketer. Ginger's a dynamic speaker and founder of a few companies, one of which is Women Enjoying Beer. WEB = the only company on the planet studying women & their relationship with beer (yes. really). She's also involved in The Fifty Percent a project with Meagen Anderson, using data to improve our world. Helping beer businesses earn more customers and maximize their marketing dollars is what it’s all about. Learn more about her at + on Twitter @gingerjohnson   She's appreciative of people who buy the book, since she's working on making her fine husband a kept man. 

Feb 10, 2017

Talking beer, music, collaboration and creativity with a talented panel of musicians and beer enthusiasts, featuring Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese incident and Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Grammy winning Peter Madcat Ruth of Madcat Midnight Blues Journey and The Change, Mike Shimmin from Joshua Davis Trio and others, and Nicholas Barron from The Strapping Owls. We talk shop, taste beers and even play a little music.

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Live music performed and improvised by our esteemed panel. 

Kyle Hollingsworth - String Cheese Incident and KHB: Keyboards, Vocals
Fred Bueltmann - New Holland Brewing and Strapping Owls: Sousaphone
Peter Madcat Ruth - Madcat Midnight Blues Journey:  Harmonica
Nicholas Barron - Nicholas Barron Band & Strapping Owls - Guitar & Vocals
Michael Shimmin- Joshua Davis Trio - Cajon

The Drinks

New Holland Brewing beers:

The Poet - Oatmeal Stout

Black Tulip Tripel - Belgian-style Tripel

Hoptronix - Double IPA

Dragon's Milk Reserve w Lemon and Raspberry


Feb 10, 2017

Drinking pints at the market with Richard is a quintessential British experience.  We got to talk about his history, the UK beer market and all sorts of other stuff.  Next time, we’ll need to get his business partner Mike to join us, as the two of them together is even better.  Here we are from The Rake at Borough Market in August of 2016.

The Drinks:

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio:

Richard Dinwoodie has been in the beer industry for almost thirty years.  He has been a champion for a diverse marketplace, fighting to provide more beer choices available to consumers, from around the world.  With his business partner, Mike Hill, he operates UTO Beer, off sale, and The Rake at Borough Market and Tap East brewpub at Stratford International, and is an Internationally recognized beer judge.

Jan 25, 2017

Chris and I go waaaay back to when I first started going to the Great American Beer Festival, aka the GABF.  I believe my first GABF was 1995, when Chris was just getting the project now known as The Falling Rock going, so we’ve covered some ground, not only in Denver, but Madison, Chicago, Philly - Chris gets around and is a huge part of our craft beer family. He’s a warm soul with a kind heart and I respect him a great deal.  We had a great time hanging out at Big Beers in Breckenridge

The Details

The Drinks:  Barrel Knickerbocker Old Fashioned, Zeppelin Bend Reserve Whiskey

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio:

Chris is co-founder and proprietor of Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Colorado.  His beer career spans more than thirty years, and includes experience at wholesale, brewery and retail.  He’s also served as beer judge and on the Board of Directors for the Brewers Association. Find out more and give him a visit at or @FallingRockTap 

Jan 17, 2017

I got to know Mark a little bit at the  Brewers Association’s beer dinner at The Salon with Chef Nicholas Balfe and Adam Dulye.  We got to chatting and decided in short order that more beers and conversation were in order.  We met at what we thought would be a quiet beer garden in his neighborhood, but as the London Craft Beer Festival let out a few blocks away, a post-fest party gathered around us, sharing our picnic table, beers and lively conversation well after the Mics were off.  


The Details

The Drinks: Cloudwater DIPA v6 & v7, Five Points Pale Ale

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio:

Mark Dredge is a beer, food and travel writer based in London, England. He's currently writing his fifth book and trying to complete his beer bucket list. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @MarkDredge

Dec 24, 2016

Fred sat with Kate Hill following the final dinner at Pigstock 2016 at the Haggerty Center in Traverse City, Michigan this October.  Kate shares how she came to teach people at Kitchen at Camont in Gascony, France, as well as traveling the world to share her passion. 


The Details

The Drinks: New Holland’s, The Poet

The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson


Guest Bio:

Kate Hill, a published author and professional cook of 30 years, founded Camont as a cooking school and retreat in 1991 after moving to this fruitful spot in France from the US. Camont became a place to rethink ideas about food and cooking and Kate is a willingly mentor, coach and teacher. Here, we grow and buy seasonal produce from local farmers and make great Gascon food to share in the old stone kitchen.

Our programs have grown from Kate’s relationships with Gascony’s thriving food community – particularly its farmstead butchers, and now you, too, can work with them to learn how to break down a pig and cure your own charcuterie. This work has placed Kate at the forefront of the global nose-to-tail butchery movement organizing international workshops with French farmer/butcher Dominique Chapolard and founder of Grrls Meat Camp.

Kate teaches and consults with professionals like Michael Ruhlman for Conde Nast Traveler, the BBC’s French Odyssey series with chef Rick Stein, which was filmed in Camont’s wonderful kitchen and International restaurant groups. Kate’s work has also been featured in Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Dish, Appellation and Maison Sud Ouest magazines, as well as the New York Times, the LA Times, London Times and the Boston Globe. On line she write the Food Stories from Gascony here, as well as serve as a administrator to the very popular facebook group- the Salt Cured Pig. When not working virtually, Kate welcomes students to Camont with her giant farm dog Bacon, a trio of barn cats, a dozen chickens, a flockette of ducks – and whoever else happens to be stopping by.

Nov 10, 2016

This conversation was a special treat, as it happened in the week following Harvest Gathering.  Earthwork Farm was considerably more quiet and tranquil than just days prior when it was teaming with smiling and ebullient people celebrating it with song, drink and warm smiles. While quiet and peaceful, I could still feel the pulse of Harvest, resonating in the bees humming away nearby.  Bob Bernard, is the founder of Earthwork Farm and his son, Seth - is founder of Earthwork Music, Harvest Gathering and countless other creative pursuits. We drank home-brew on the gazebo off the back of the main barn, and had a little chat.  It's our finale to the Harvest Gathering edition and I hope you enjoy it. 


The Details

The Drinks: Seth’s “Monster in the Closet” Imperial Stout

The Music: Intro and outro feature “Wealthy Street” © Drew Nelson.  Seth and Bob play, “Travel”  from Being this Being  © Seth Bernard and “You Are My Friend“ © Dick Siegel

Guest Bios

Samuel Seth Bernard 

Seth Bernard has a uniquely Michigan anatomy: knee deep in glacier-folk with a belly full of whiskey and peaches smuggled from the root cellar of a '70s guitar god. Fingers resinous with fresh cut white pine, and sacred north star geometries whirling around his brow.

Born on April Fools Day, and playing the trickster-bard every day since, he's grown from a potent young Interlochen idealist into a black-bearded surprise-eyed psych-rocker singing the woods and water, souls and soils of the Great Lakes.

The tools! He's got a pine-box-full, from his Gretsch (and the chops to play it, mister), to the many iterations of Seth-music. I mean Airborne or Aquatic, bristling with fuzz-poem arena-anthems, to Starlight Six, the madly talented hybrid of Michigan royalty (May Erlewine, Joshua Davis of Steppin' In It, Mike Shimmin of, well, everything, and the power duo of Dominic and Rachael Davis). Or he can roll solo, with a catalog of hundreds of original tunes, thousands of covers and millions of improvisational licks. And the waltzes. By god the waltzes.

And more tools: Earthwork Music Collective, Family Weekend, Harvest Gathering, The Water Festivals, On the Ground, (you gotta google this stuff, links below), youth engagement, and partnerships with dozens of local non-profits. Like a true old-school folker, he plays the songs because they mean something, and that something they mean drives a life beyond just playing songs.

His most valuable tool, though, doesn't live in that box: two good ears. Seth listens like a priest. To his audience, to his community, to his deep-rooted intuitive star-born aurora borealis campfire ancestor soul. That alone makes every show - EVERY SHOW - worth the price of admission.

-Brad Kik, co-founder of the Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology

Bob Bernard

Bob Bernard grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the son of two fiddlers, and has spent the last 35 years of his life tending bees, cattle, running a sawmill, educating, farming, fathering and fiddling on Earthwork Farm, where the Harvest Gathering takes place.

Nov 3, 2016

I met Ryan at this year’s Harvest Gathering and it was interesting how quickly we were finding things we had in common.  Ryan’s story is a pretty remarkable example of the impact Harvest Gathering can have on people’s lives.  He’s a musician and heavily involved in Michigan’s festival scene and shares his music and story from Maddie’s Circle at Earthwork Farm.

The Details

The Drinks: New Holland Incorrigible Reserve, with bee.

 The Music: “Wealthy Street” on intro and outro, © and courtesy of Drew Nelson.  Ryan and Jack play “Please” and “Blind Eye” © and courtesy of The Change from their album, Fight or Flight

Guest Bio:

"Ryan Williams" from Local Spins’ John Sinkevics:

It’s fair to say Ryan Williams was destined to become a musician and event promoter.Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis, Williams – a singer and multi-instrumentalist who now makes his home in Grand Rapids – grew up in a family that featured a grandmother who performed as a backup singer with bluegrass pioneers Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

Williams was given his first guitar at age 6, and later embraced the music of Memphis, from blues to soul and more. “From about age 14 through 18, I was down on Beale Street every Friday, Saturday night just soaking up as much as I possibly could,” he recalls.

These days, the 38-year-old musician who’s also long been involved with Michigan’s festival scene fronts The Change, an eclectic, genre-spanning band formed during a December 2015 jam session.

Oct 7, 2016

Frank and Mark have been playing music together for an awfully long time, and it was great to sit with them in the woods and hear their stories.  They’ve warmly contributed to the the Michigan music community for decades in a remarkable way, playing with and mentoring countless musicians of all genres. 

The Details

The Drinks:  Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout by New Holland Brewing

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson on intro and outro, members of Jive at Five perform “L.O.V.E.” Composed by Bert Kaempfert, with lyrics by Milt Gabler and “Galaxy Song” composed by Eric Idle and John Du Prez.

Guest Bios:

Jive at Five: Inspired by the small combo traditions of Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers, Louis Jordan, Count Basie, and swing and jazz legends, Jive At Five gets the room swinging from the first note. Formed in 1992, Jive At Five features Michigan musical veterans Tom T. Ball on upright bass, Mark Schrock on electric guitar and vocals, Frank Youngman on trumpet, archtop acoustic guitar and vocals, Charlie Walmsley on keyboards and vocals, Gene Harris on saxophone, Dan Giacobassi on saxophone and flute, and Dave Zerbe on drums. Over the years Jive at Five has recorded three CDs and has performed at hundreds of concerts, workshops, dances, receptions, clubs, parties and festivals.

Frank Youngman first saw Louis Armstrong when he was 8 years old and he seemed to know then that he also wanted to play music and entertain people. Starting on piano and trumpet, he played his first professional job at the age of 15 with a Glenn Miller style band, the Royalaires, who later became The Formalaires. It was during those many years playing the country club circuit, in big bands and Dixieland bands that he learned to dance and understand just how music moved people. The college years brought marching bands, a stint with a Chinese orchestra, and recitals, until he heard a guitar player named Joel Mabus play some music of Mississippi John Hurt. After that there was a new world to discover: banjos and pennywhistles, fiddles, guitars, button accordions, and stepdancing. Soon Frank found himself playing folk music from Michigan to Boston to New York City with The Pretty Shakey Stringband and The Lost World Stringband. Frank has performed with Martin, Bogan and Armstrong, The Fiction Brothers and Johnny Gimble. As a singer, guitarist and trumpet player, and founding member of Jive at Five, Frank came full circle back to jazz and swing and performs with a passion for music bringing every sound, style and beat he’s heard along the way.

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter Mark Schrock was brought up in a musical family of singers, pianists, fiddlers, and other musicians. Born in 1954, he was growing up as the big bands were giving way to rock n roll. Mark received his first guitar from his grandfather when he was 8, formed his first band at 12, and played his first gig at 13. Since then he has been continually involved in musical performance with groups including Cabbage Crik, Iowa Rose, Madcat Midnight Blues Journey, Drew Nelson and Highway 2, and The Schrock Bros with sons Andrew and Jasen. A founding member of Jive At Five, he provides a blues inflected swinging guitar style to the group sound, citing influences from Charlie Christian to B.B. King, Wes Montgomery to Freddie Green.

Sep 26, 2016

Joshua Davis has a vibrant role in the Michigan music community.  He’s a co-founder of the band, "Stepping In It" has a robust solo career, and was an early contributor to Earthwork Music Collective as well as Harvest Gathering. Joshua shares stories of his early influences, what it’s like to come home and reconnect and the importance of building strong community.  Josh also plays a couple tunes, including one from his upcoming album, The Way Back Home and another inspired from one of the first Harvest Gatherings.    

The Details

The Drinks:  Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout by New Holland Brewing

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson on intro and outro, Joshua Davis performs “The Little Things” and “Bound for Glory” © and courtesy of Joshua Davis.

Guest Bio

Joshua Davis was raised in the folk tradition: the music, the social movements, the land. He writes songs that blend the roots of American music with gritty rock n’ roll and vintage soul. Performing Songwriter Magazine called the result, "Some of the liveliest and most rocking roots music around.

For over 15 years Joshua has made his living sharing his songs, stories and knowledge across the US and Canada at festivals, concert halls, coffeehouses and dives – as a solo act, front man for roots ensemble "Steppin’ In It", classic swing band "Shout Sister Shout", songwriter showcase band "The Starlight Six" and frequently as a workshop facilitator, presenter or instructor.

His music is steeped in ragtime blues, sweet jazz and real country but Davis’s broad schooling in the cultural, political and musical roots of American tradition has resulted in more than a simple retelling of universal themes. Dubbed, "the Michigan version of the Great American Songscape" (Chris Reitz, Elderly Instruments), his catalog is a seamless snapshot of American past and present. Joshua has shared stages with a diverse list of luminaries, such as Tim O’Brien, Greg Brown, The Indigo Girls, Leftover Salmon, The Dixie Hummingbirds, Corey Harris, John Gorka, Jeff Daniels, Ellis Paul, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Jimmy LaFave, Ray Bonneville, Arlo Guthrie, Abigail Washburn, Larry McCray, Sunny Wilkinson, Catie Curtis, Bill Kirchen, Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Bernie Leadon, Wayne Hancock, The Verve Pipe, John Hammond, Pete Seeger and Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Davis has released three critically acclaimed solo albums, five albums with Steppin’ In It, a record of jazz standards with Shout Sister Shout, and has appeared on too many albums to count. His most recent album, "A Miracle of Birds" is inspired by his travels in the Palestinian West Bank with non-profit organization On the Ground. About the album, Revue magazine says, "His heartfelt documentation of 'people as people' offers up compassionate songs of hope, darkness and perseverance."

Joshua has performed live on the internationally syndicated programs Mountain Stage, Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour and Backstage Pass. His songs have been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, Folk Alley and The Mix and he has played scores of prestigious festivals and venues not to mention every festival Michigan has to offer.

His music receives regular airplay across the US and has been heard in at least 180 countries. His records have consistently appeared on major independent and free-format radio charts. Among other honors, "Fool Rooster" earned the album of the year slot from Progressive Torch and Twang, a cult favorite Americana show on WDBM, "Magnolia Belles" won Americana album of the year from WYCE, "Simple Tunes for Troubled Times" was one of Folk Alley’s best albums of 2009 and Shout Sister Shout’s "Hit That Jive" reached #1 on the Roots Music Report jazz chart and was the longest charting jazz album of that year.

Davis has gained recognition as an enthusiastic and successful songwriting and guitar instructor and folk historian. He has studied under greats such as Guy Clark, Steve Earle, John Hartford, Greg Brown, Tim O’Brien, Lyle Lovett, Michael Smith, and Tom Paxton and Dr. Bruce Conforth as well as Bela Fleck, Casey Driessen, and Roy Book Binder.

Joshua is a respected producer and has built a small but excellent home studio, pointing to his work with Grammy and Oscar winning producers and audio engineers Glenn Brown, Sally Van Meter and David Glasser.

Josh is especially interested in the ways in which music brings individuals and communities together, to foster peace and understanding. He's noticed that songs can re-soundtrack people's lives and peoples' lives too. In February of 2012, he travelled to Palestine and Israel with non-profit org On the Ground to participate as "cultural emissary" in the Run Across Palestine, a fund raising ultra-marathon in support of fair trade farming communities in the West Bank.

Davis has just released “A Miracle of Birds”, an album inspired by his experience in the Holy Land. Half of the proceeds will mean olive trees and educational scholarships for the farmers and families he encountered during his travels. The songs are deeply personal and deal with his struggle between his Jewish identity and the oppression and confusion he found in the Middle East. Josh brings a unique program to schools and communities that combines his music and stories about the trip as well as club dates with a world-class six-piece band.

His greatest honor as a writer came recently when the Michigan Historical Museum recognized his work in "Put It On Paper", an exhibit examining the creative process alongside legendary creative minds such as Ernest Hemingway and Laura Ingalls-Wilder.

He lives in Traverse City, Michigan with his lovely and brilliant wife, daughter and new son.


Sep 22, 2016

Our first ever live-podcast happened during the Harvest Gathering 2016 at Earthwork Farm in Lake City, Michigan.  A three day celebration of music and community, the Harvest Gathering is like nothing else.  Earthwork is home of the Bernard family farm as well as the Earthwork Music Collective. My first guest on Friday was May Erlewine Bernard. She is a remarkable musician and sweetheart to boot. We met in “Maddie’s Circle”, which hosted workshops throughout the weekend.  It was a tranquil scene on log benches with warm conversation and kind souls.  

The Details:

The Drinks: Incorrigible White Sour Ale

The Music: 

“Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson for Podcast intro and outro, May performs, Wild, and Sweet Days © and courtesy of May Erlewine

Guest Bio

May Erlewine comes from a family of artists and musicians. Early on she was exposed to music (and people) of all kinds. May was home-educated, came up singing and while still just a teenager hitchhiked all across North America playing in small and large towns, riding freight trains, and busking on the streets. In her travels May Erlewine came to know the land and the pulse of the people. Her songs show a very real connection and concern with everyday folk. 

May plays guitar, fiddle, piano and a few other instruments, but mostly she sings. Her songs are treasured by people of all faiths and politics. May has played music not only all across America but also for people all over the world. What is perhaps most remarkable is May's songwriting ability. Although she is a wonderful singer and her voice is instantly recognizable, it is the songs that she writes that are really turning heads. May's songs are sung (and recorded) by other artists, both great and small. 
The sounds and influences you'll hear in her music range from good old fashioned folk and country swing to soul singers, rock and music from all over the wide world. It's all bundled together with stories and melodies to take you on a journey of the heart. 
May is a member of the Earthwork Music Collective, a group of independent artists who share resources and talents to raise both community and self-awareness, along with facilitating and encouraging original music in the state of Michigan. Earthwork was founded by May's husband and musical partner, Samuel Seth Bernard, a prolific singer-songwriter in his own right, as a means to form a viable alternative path to the conventional music industry. Through collaboration, the collective strives to incorporate efforts of environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building into the core functioning of a musical profession. 
Sep 9, 2016

I had a great time welcoming several collaborators from our upcoming Rocktoberfest to the brewery and podcast.  We’re really proud of this event and everyone’s generous spirit and ongoing efforts towards quality.  It’s a light hearted group that takes their work seriously, without taking themselves too seriously.  It was a learning curve to mic five guests without a tech on hand, so I hope you an pardon some atypical audio challenges.  Those issues aside, I think you’ll enjoy an engaging conversation with passionate folks I’m glad to know, and call friends.

Episode 20 - The Details

The Drinks:  New Holland’s Macatawa Stout, Uncle Bert’s Red Lager

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bios:

Ken Estelle is CEO of Feeding America West Michigan. He joined the organization after a 30-year career in the aerospace industry and firmly believes that hunger can be solved. Feeding America West Michigan works with hundreds of local farmers, retailers, and processors to provide food to half a million people in need each year.

Dale Beaubien, Culinary Director for New Holland Brewing, has been working in restaurants on and off since he was sixteen. After studying at Northern Michigan University, he devoted himself to his culinary education by working in some of the most educationally advantageous kitchens. He’s worked alongside several James Beard Award-nominated chefs and spent some time as an adjunct faculty member in the culinary department at Secchia Center for Culinary Studies, to pay some of that knowledge forward. He is fascinated by the traditions, seasonality and purity of food and drink, spending his free time outdoors and vinyl record collecting.

Mark Schrock is a lifelong roots/rock/Americana musician who has been active in the Michigan music community since 1974. He currently plays guitar and mandolin with his sons Jasen and Andrew in the Schrock Bros; works as a bassist with Grammy award winner and harmonica wizard Peter Madcat Ruth; is a multi-instrumentalist with Red House Records artist Drew Nelson, and sings and plays swing guitar with Jive At Five. He also co-owns and direct the music program and Salt of the Earth, a farm to table restaurant and entertainment venue in Fennville MI.

Steve Berthel has been a professional brewer in the state of Michigan for twenty years. Steve has been co-owner of two breweries, Kraftbrau and The Livery, prior to joining New Holland Brewing in 2012 as the Pub Brewer.  Steve has dreamed of brewing beers with all Michigan grown ingredients, and has made that dream reality within New Hollan’ds Pub on 8th in Holland, MI.  Steve has worked closely with growers, maltsters and Michigan State University Extension Services to achieve this goal.

Matthew Millar 

Matthew Is a twenty plus year veteran in the restaurant scene in West Michigan. While in the kitchen at his Journeyman and Rye restaurants in Fennville, he developed personal relationships with the growers and producers of the region which he cultivated vigorously until the restaurants closed.

He maintained this habit of sourcing locally to unearth and define the regional character of West Michigan cooking as chef at New Holland Brewing Company in Holland,Michigan, and Reserve, a high end wine bar in Grand Rapids until he left to pursue opening a new restaurant in his home community near Lake Michigan. Matthew, who grew up in Michigan, has roots in east Tennessee and has had a life long passion for the cooking traditions of the American south. His newest project, The Southerner, celebrates these traditions with a little influence from the north.

Matthew is a two time James Beard Award semi finalist for Best Chef: Great Lakes, honored in the peer reviewed guide Best Chefs In America in 2012, and also authors the food blog Post Agricultural Acts. He lives in Fennville, Michigan with his wife, Amy Cook.

Fred Bueltmann, aka “The Beervangelist,” is an owner of New Holland Brewing, where he serves as Vice President of Brand and Lifestyle.  He is a nationally recognized expert on pairing beer and food, and a Certified Cicerone®. Bueltmann is past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild and recipient of their prestigious “Tom Burns Award” recognizing the pioneering spirit of the “Great Beer State.” Fred serves as a judge for the Brewer’s Association’s Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.  His first book, “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” is a seasonal tome on pairing, cooking and hosting with craft beer, and was recognized as an Indie Book Award finalist.  Fred hosts and produces New Holland’s “Stop & Taste Conversations” podcast, and speaks to audiences large and small around the country, which has included serving as 2013 Keynote Speaker for the Michigan Restaurant Association and TedX Macatawa in 2015.


Aug 26, 2016

Adam is a prince among men. He's brilliant with spirits, hospitality and expressing creative ideas through beverages. I've enjoyed collaborating with him on events immensely, which has included making cocktails in a deluge under a tin shack, bacon-washing whiskey and dripping fat-washed gin through his Chinese tea tower.  I'm always grateful for his generous spirit and bright personality.  We caught up at the Palace Cafe during Tales of the Cocktail, 2016.  

Episode 19: The Details

The Drinks:  Cognac Old Fashioned, Palace Planter’s Punch

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bio:

Adam Seger CCP

CORPORATE SOMMELIER/EXECUTIVE BARMAN: IPIC Entertainment-Luxury Movie Theaters and Restaurants Coast-to- Coast 

MIXOLOGIST IN RESIDENCE: The Art Institute of Chicago

FOUNDING PARTNER: HUM Spirits Co, BALSAM Spirits Co and Rare Bitters Co.

An alumnus of Michelin Starred restaurants Chez Julien in Strasbourg, TRU in Chicago and The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Certified Culinary Professional and Advanced Sommelier Adam Seger takes a chef's approach behind the bar, being called appropriately by New City 'The Charlie Trotter of Cocktails' and the 'Grant Achatz of Spirits'.

Dubbed 'Chicago's Godfather of Craft Cocktails' by TimeOut, Seger has helped to spread the reputation of The Windy City's cocktail culture to the international stage, creating cocktails for The W Singapore, Eric Ripert's Cayman Cookout, The Russian Cocktail Club in Moscow and closer to home The 84th Academy Awards, Oprah's 25th season finale and the Reelz Channel's monthly 'IPic Now' cocktail segment shown coast-to-coast on the big screen at Ipic Theatres.

His creations can be found in some of the top bars, hotels and restaurants in the US and Asia. They include HUM Botanical Rum, Balsam Amaro and 'Truffe Amere' truffle bitters by Rare Botanical Bitters Company.

He is working on his first book "Drink Like You Eat: The Seasonal Cocktail Cookbook" and lives in the heart of Chicago when not traveling to discover new tastes and inspiration.

Aug 15, 2016

China has a young, exciting and growing craft brewing scene, and Michael is revered as one of its dynamic leaders.  I met Michael at Liquid Laundry, one of the three breweries he oversees in Shanghai.  He has a remarkable and diverse career in brewing, covering three continents.  He was welcoming and generous, sharing his story and several beers, as well as some much needed advice towards exploring Shanghai. 

Episode 18 - The Details

The Drinks:  Sleepless in Saison, Liquid Laundry Brewery,Shangai; Dragon’s Milk, New Holland Brewing, Beer Barrel Bourbon, New Holland Artisan Spirits

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson, “Everywhere is Calling” © and courtesy of Cavepeople

Michael Jordan

Michael's professional experience in brewing is very diverse, operating breweries with brewhouses ranging in size from 10 to 250 bbls. Michael began professional brewing in 1995, his last year of college and still enjoys the balance of art and science. His overall goal is to make great beer and have an enjoyable time doing so. He has worked in the Pacific Northwest of USA for several different breweries. In 2008 he moved to Denmark to work for Bryggeriet S.C. Fuglsang and now lives and works in Shanghai, China as brewmaster for Boxing Cat Brewery.

Shawna Hood

Shawna is the General Manager of New Holland Brewing's Pub on 8th. She hails from Ionia, MI and graduated from Michigan State University in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.  She's been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years. Shawna loves raising her nine-year old daughter, Zimber, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.  Her favorite beer is Night Tripper Imperial Stout.


Jul 30, 2016

Brian and I got to know each other working on the collaboration between Carhartt and New Holland Brewing, that resulted in The Carhartt Woodsman and many other projects.  We talk about his roots in marketing, which began with a poorly funded escape to Portland, Oregon from his hometown Chicago, equipped without much more than a set of new tires from his Dad. Brian shares how his early lessons shaped his career, his perspective on branding, writing and storytelling, as well as how it brought him to work with the iconic Carhartt.  This episode is dedicated to the memory of Steve Carter, November 25, 1951 - June 7, 2016 - Cheers, Mr. Carter.

Episode 17 - The Details

The Drinks:  Biercamp Pale Ale, Ann Arbor, MI, Dark and Stormy with  Ron del Barrilito barrel aged rum

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson, “Everywhere is Calling” © and courtesy of Cavepeople

Brian Bennett
Creative Director at Carhartt. Chief Assistant to the lady who manages three rascal children. Meat eating American Patriot. Lover of life's rugged corners. Brian's a rough-and-tumble type who grew up on the South-side of Chicago, the son of a cop – just don't be fooled, he now lives surrounded by book nerds and know it all doctors in Ann Arbor, MI. Or Easy Town as his dad likes to call it. Brian balances his lack of current manhood by overcompensating with stories of his college football days and his experience creating work for Nike back when Lance and LeBron were cool. He'll also remind you how relaxed he is after writing ads for Corona for four years, yet his wife will tell you his kids unravel him daily. And don't even mention the current state of the Chicago Bears to him, he might lose his mind. Tough, yet sensitive, that's him (according to him). He claims to like poetry and gardening and shopping for dresses for his two little girls. Yet he's man enough to remind you he'd rather be in his backyard drinking whiskey, throwing axes and working a pork butt over for the 12th hour on his Brinkman Smoke'N Grill. When he's not BBQ'ng, playing legos with his son or watching football or coaching football or throwing a football or playing fantasy football he occasionally gets recognized for his day job. He's won several awards from an Effie to a Clio to a Cannes Lion but every time he tells his dad about them his dad changes the subject to the award he once won for singing Elvis on a Carnival cruise ship. Perspective is everything to Brian. So are chicken wings. In fact, he probably just ate wings so keep that in mind when you shake his extremely manly hand (a hand that his dad will tell you has never fixed a god damn thing).

Jul 22, 2016

Melissa is an engaging and colorful writer from London.  Her quick wit and sharp personality is always refreshing and inspiring.  We caught up in Philly during the Craft Brewers Conference and are looking forward to the Great British Beer Festival in a few short weeks.  It's a little longer episode than normal, so you may want to make it a two-parter, but I believe you'll enjoy both segments!

Episode 16 - The Details

The Drinks:  Barrel Knickerbocker Old Fashioned, Zeppelin Bend Whiskey, New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout, The Nola Dragon with New Holland’s Pitchfork Wheat Whiskey

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bios

Melissa Cole, an award-winning beer writer and author of Let Me Tell You About Beer Melissa Cole is living the dream. Not only does she write extensively about the world's favourite drink, she also works with chefs to create beer and food extravaganzas in venues as diverse as Michelin-starred restaurants to local pubs, and is invited to judge at beer competitions from London to Brussels and Amsterdam to America. Her reputation for having a fine palate and fun approach to all things brewed, also translates to actually making beer, and some of her collaborative beers have gone on to become huge successes for the breweries Melissa made them with, never profiting herself. Melissa is also a Certified Cicerone & was also identified as one of the Most Powerful Women in the Drinks Industry by Channel4 Food and won the acclaim of her industry peers when named Educator of the Year by Imbibe magazine in 2013.


Fred Bueltmann, aka “The Beervangelist,” is an owner of New Holland Brewing Company, where he serves as Vice President of Brand and Lifestyle.  He is a nationally recognized expert on pairing beer and food, and a Certified Cicerone®. Bueltmann is past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild and recipient of their prestigious “Tom Burns Award” recognizing the pioneering spirit of the “Great Beer State.” Fred serves as a judge for the Brewer’s Association’s Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.  His first book, “Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy” is a seasonal tome on pairing, cooking and hosting with craft beer, and was recognized as an Indie Book Award finalist.  Fred hosts and produces New Holland’s “Stop & Taste Conversations” podcast, and speaks to audiences large and small around the country, which has included serving as 2013 Keynote Speaker for the Michigan Restaurant Association and TedX Macatawa in 2015.


Jul 7, 2016

I met Ryan at a Craft Brewer’s Conference, many years ago.  We had a knack at running into each other over the years, perhaps because we ran in similar circles, or ended up at the same bars.  Even though we were no where near selling to California at the time, Ryan always expressed this genuine enthusiasm for what we were doing and encouraging interest that if we ever got that way, he’d love to be involved.  Meeting away from either of our home towns can feel out of context, but it never clouded Ryan’s infectious energy and passion.   On my recent visit to California for the Craft Beverage Expo, I was able to sneak to LA for a quick trip to say hi to Ryan at The Surly Goat, one of their group’s many craft-centric bars that have helped shape the craft beer culture in the Los Angeles area.   

The Drinks: Sierra Nevada, Torpedo Pils, Coedo, Shikkoku - Schwarzbier, New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout, Hollister Hippy Kicker

The Music:  “Wealthy Street” © and courtesy of Drew Nelson

Guest Bios

Ryan Sweeney is a native of Palo Alto, California who moved to Los Angeles following his time majoring in Film Studies at Pitzer.  He and his cohorts in the Goat Group have contributed greatly to the development of the LA craft beer scene.   His bar management career began with the Match in North Hollywood before opening Verdugo Bar with partners in 2007. Ryan oversees the formative and delicious craft beer programs of the several signature bars that have followed within The Goat Group including The Surly Goats, Little Bear, The Woodman, Sweeney's Ale House, The Blind Donkey and The Phoenix.

Joel Armato, aka “Dr. Joel,” is native to Pottstown, PA and the larger Philadelphia area. Joining New Holland Brewing Co in 2008 as the Beer Beast From The East, Joel ran a seven state sales territory up and down the East Coast. After taking the position of National Sales Manager several years later, he relocated to the shores of Holland, MI. Spinning tires from years on the road replicate the spinning platters of Joel's turntables as he nears his 20th year as an avid vinyl music collector and DJ. Informing his worldview through a lens of things well-made by people with passion, the cultures of craft beer, music, and food have engulfed Joel and allowed him to surround himself with great people and possibilities. He continues to push New Holland's brand of evolving artistic contributions forward as National Sales Operations Manager and is coming to grips with a slowly building Midwest accent...he still drives like he's from Philly though.

Jun 28, 2016

Episode 14 - The Details

Many Michigan Brewers Guild related social events remind us of the diverse backgrounds amongst the people of the Michigan brewing community.  We’ve talked about getting together to play or “do something” more times than we can count.  Recently, an idea took hold, and “Mashpaddle” is the result.   We brewed a collaborative, Michigan-grown beer - put together an impromptu band of brewery related musicians and scheduled a tour through the collaborating breweries.   Here are several conversations from the brew day, as well as some music from some of the featured musicians.  We hit the road this week, so come on out and celebrate Michigan, beer & music!


“Bert” - Steve Berthel : New Holland Brewing 

Adam Engleman, Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company

Jesse Jett, New Holland Brewing

Phil Thomson, Big Hart Brewing 

Teo Watson-Ahlbrandt, Big Hart Brewing 

Dan Buozis - Big Hart Brewing 

Evan Keller - Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company


Breweries and Sponsors:

Old Boy’s Brewhouse

Rare Bird Brewpub

Lake Charlevoix Brewing Company

Big Hart Brewing

New Holland Brewing


Michigan Brewers Guild

MI Local Hops



The Drinks:

New Holland Brewing’s, Feats - MI Export Lager, The Hollander - Saison & others....

The Music:

“Moorean Moon” © Pat Mallinger  and “Help on the Way” - Garcia & Hunter, ©  Universal Music Publishing Group - both from Sabertooth’s, Live at the Green Mill, “Blues for C Piff”, @ Pat Mallinger and “China Cat Sunflower” - Garcia & Hunter, © Ice Nine Publishing  from Sabertooth’s, Dr. Midnight, Live at the Green Mill, “Can’t No Grave” courtesy of Jesse Jett and “Heavyweight Brother” © Nicholas Barron, courtesy of The Strapping Owls


Jun 5, 2016

Ep. 13 - Brett VanderKamp, New Holland Brewing Company

Episode 13 - The Details

I met Brett sometime in 1997, while New Holland was just coming into existence.  We were both active members of the Michigan Brewers Guild, and later spent time on the board of directors together.  We’ve bonded over the idea that a company can be the ultimate art project, with limitless opportunities for creativity and ingenuity to shape team vision and values.  Brett is passionate and driven, and the originator of Dragon’s Milk!  We got a chance to sit down over a couple of drinks in Puerto Rico, where we were celebrating 10 year New Holland Anniversaries.  I hope you enjoy this Hatter Day Edition, which is celebrating the breweries 19th Anniversary!

The Drinks: Mojito - DonQ Anejo, Beer Barrel Bourbon

The Music:  “Underground Giver” © and courtesy of Seth Bernard, Why Would You Not Want to Go to There, courtesy of and © Hoots & Hellmouth

Guest Bio:

Brett VanderKamp; Holland, Michigan seemed like an unlikely place to create some of the most innovative beer and spirits in America. But Brett believed that his hometown and the brewing industry were due for shakeups.He was 24 years old when he started New Holland Brewing Company in 1997 in an abandoned factory with his best friend and $10,000. He has spearheaded the company’s growth and innovation since its inception.

Brett has become a leader not only in his industry but in the community as well, serving on various boards including the Holland Chamber of Commerce and its Public Policy Committee. He has been chairman of Jubilee Ministries, a faith- based nonprofit working to revitalize Holland’s most troubled neighborhoods. He is a founding member and past president of the Michigan Brewers Guild (MBG), a trade organization for over 200 small Michigan brewers.  Brett also acted as chairman of the MBG Government Affairs Committee. In 2011, Brett was honored as one of Grand Rapids Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty” business leaders, heralding his dedication to innovation and community. In 2015, he was honored as Michigan West Coast Chamber’s Small Business Person of the Year.

Brett’s entrepreneurial spirit and artistic sensibilities are at the very heart of New Holland. As the original visionary, Brett imagined the path that New Holland pursued to become what they are today. He serves as President, overseeing the corporate and leadership teams, and continuing to forge their path into the future. Brett has two sons, Brayden and Quinn, with his wife Pam. They live in Holland, MI and enjoy family vacations, outdoor sports and Michigan summers.

May 20, 2016

Episode 12 - The Details

Sean Hoots is the affable and artistic front man for Hoots & Hellmouth, a Philly-based roots and rock band.  Theirs a warmth and poetic nature to their music which was only deepened for me after getting a chance to talk with Sean about how Hoots & Hellmouth came to be and where they’re headed.  It was great fun to have them play for our Beer Barrel Jamboree during CBC and we look forward to them headlining Hatter Days in Holland on June 11th

The Drinks: Barrel Knickerbocker Gin Old Fashioned, New Holland Incorrigible White Sour Ale, Amaro Montenegro, Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, Rimfire - Mesquite Smoked Whiskey

The Music: Suns courtesy and © Sean Hoots, I Don’t Mink Your Cussing, courtesy of and © Hoots & Hellmouth

Guest Bios

Sean Hoots is a maker of music from the land of West Philadelphia where he lives with his beloved wife, Allison, and their animals, Penelope and Behemoth.  Perhaps best known for his roots/rock ensemble Hoots & Hellmouth, Hoots has been writing, performing, producing, and recording across a wide swath of genres for almost three decades.  Music is everything.  Beer runs a close second.

Rich Blair is an appreciator of good food and aficionado of all things boozy. I often stay up too late and wake up too early, both of which are fueled by my passion and purpose; spreading the gospel of a good drink shared with good people. Being Director of Sales at New Holland Artisan Spirits allows this to happen all across the good ol’ US of A. I have been called a great many things, my favorite of which is “dad.” Stealing away to spend time with my family gives my life balance and meaning. Bonfires when the weather is warm or roasting marshmallows in the fireplace when it’s not, an evening at home with the ones I love are the most peaceful and precious moments.

May 6, 2016

Episode 11 - The Details

Jackie and I joke that we are “Stunt Doubles,” living similar life roles, in very different contexts.  I have admired how she has carved a Professional Roller Derby career for herself and inspired countless people that have come into her orbit.   She’s able to commit herself seriously to ideas while keeping the experience light hearted.  Perhaps an atypical comparison, I see the same ideals in Jackie’s pursuit of excellence and generous spirit that we consider to be the backbone of the craft renaissance. 

The Drinks: Ranger Creek Bourbon Old Fashioned, Ranger Creek Small Batch #9, Blackberry Sour, Ranger Creek "Old Fashioned #9"

The Music: Sunnyside courtesy of and © Megan Dooley

 Guest Bios

Jackie Daniels is among the most experienced skaters and coaches in roller derby. Over 10 years as a key player within the world’s fastest growing sport, Jackie has become known through roller derby not only as a versatile player, a valued teammate, and a much sought-after coach and mentor.

From her beginnings with the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to the more established Windy City Rollers in Chicago and now roller derby’s oldest league, the Texas Rollergirls, Jackie knows roller derby.

As a skater she has played flat-track roller derby at the highest level competing at the WFTDA International Championship tournament since 2010 and also the World Cup in 2014. Jackie has played and coached roller derby on 4 of 7 continents with plans to keep rolling.

Jackie has also plied her skills and prowess in the banked-track game, skating both with Team Awesome and with Team Legit in annual tournaments. She also played herself in the 2009 Drew Barrymore film Whip It!, stoking a new generation of skaters toward the roller derby community.

Jackie has multiple awards and credits to her name and is affectionately known among fans as “America’s Girlfriend” due to her anytime, anywhere, anything attitude. She has been written about widely in the sports press from daily papers to ESPN.

After five years in Chicago, Jackie relocated to Austin, Texas, and Captains the Texas Rollergirls All Stars team. While she loves the flavor of Austin, she says Michigan will always be considered her home, where a lake is a lake. 



Steve Raad is from Holland, Michigan, where he attended West Ottawa High School. After graduating in 2005 he furthered his interest in the arts, receiving a portfolio review scholarship at Kendall College of Art and Design. After a start in the furniture design program, Steve switched to sculpture and functional art in order to work more with his hands, and had the opportunity to study abroad focusing on stone carving and photography in Puerto Vallarta.  I have been putting my creativity to work at New Holland Brewing since 2012.

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